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                  激情午夜福利,亚洲日本中文字幕,亚洲国产AV天堂,色综合视频 China Coal Mengda (Inner Mongolia) MTO Project Start-up Successfully
                  NDRC: support of large-scale coal enterprise to go public listing
                  www.kolomrumah.com     Time:2012-06-19 14:14    column:Policy

                  NDRC has just issued twelfth five-year plan for coal industry. In the plan, NDRC propose the state-owned coal enterprises to deeply reform and build modern corporate system, and to transform share holding system. NDRC will support large-scale coal enterprises to go public listing and to issue bonds.

                  The plan also states that private investment is encourage to build coal mine and to production. The merger between coal and power enterprises is strongly encouraged, and building facilities for transporting coal is also supported. To reduce the tax burden on coal enterprises, the reform on taxation of coal enterprises will be conducted. The coal trading market will be built to from coal price mechanism, and to from reasonable coal price for power generation. Besides, the coal futures trading system will be built. For these areas where coal resource has depleted, special funding will be available for their economical transformation. The funding from central government budget will also go to exploring more coal resources, and subsidies will be allocated to support the update of technology for coal mines for merger enterprise. 

                  (source: 2012-03-22 China energy network)

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