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                  激情午夜福利,亚洲日本中文字幕,亚洲国产AV天堂,色综合视频 China Coal Mengda (Inner Mongolia) MTO Project Start-up Successfully
                  China Coal Mengda (Inner Mongolia) MTO Project Start-up Successfully
                  www.kolomrumah.com     Time:2016-04-22 13:38    column:News

                  On April 15th, 2016, China Coal Mengda (Inner Mongolia) MTO plant which adopt DMTO technology was start-up successfully with the capacity of 1.8 million tons methanol feedstock.
                  Methanol feeding began at 8:56 AM on April 15th, the qualified propylene was produced at 2:30 AM on April 16th and the qualified ethylene was produced at 8:40 AM on April 16th. This marked the successful start-up of China Coal Mengda (Inner Mongolia) MTO project.
                  Inner Mongolia China Coal Mengda New Energy Chemical Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Coal Energy Company Limited. The annual output of 500 thousand tons of plastic project is located in Inner Mongolia, the project total investment 10.448 billion RMB accounting for 197 hectares. The core unit is MTO unit, which adopt DMTO technology. The smooth operation of the project is of strategic significance to promote the development of regional economy, promote the implementation of the western development strategy, and realize the diversification of olefins.
                  Till now, there are 10 DMTO plants are under operation. This successful start-up proves that DMTO technology is an advanced, mature and reliable technology with completely independent intellectual property right of China.

                                                                    April 19, 2016



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