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                  激情午夜福利,亚洲日本中文字幕,亚洲国产AV天堂,色综合视频 China Coal Mengda (Inner Mongolia) MTO Project Start-up Successfully
                  Shenda Chemicals (Shandong) MTO Project started up successfully
                  www.kolomrumah.com     Time:2015-01-05 14:50    column:News

                  The sixth commercial DMTO plant, Shenda Chemicals (Shandong) MTO plant, started up successfully on Nov.29th,2014. Different from those five DMTO plants with 600 KTA olefin capacity on operation, this plant is the first DMTO plant with a 330 KTA olefin capacity. This project is well designed in its olefin downstream, including MTO unit (330 KTA), PP unit (200 KTA), Ethylene (170 KTA), EVA (100 KTA), EOD (120 KTA). Methanol feeding started on Nov.29th, polymer grade ethylene was produced on Dec.1st, and polymer grade propylene was produced on Dec.5th.

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