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                  SYN carrying out technology exchange with Sasol, South Africa
                  www.kolomrumah.com     Time:2012-02-22 10:26    column:News

                  On February 16, 2012, 6 visitors from Sasol, South Africa including Mr. John Armstrong, new chemical general manager in New Business Development, Dr. Bruce Young, Strategic planning Department of Chemical Business Manager and Dr. Xu Hailong, President of Sasol China, et al. came to SYN and communicated on technology. Mr. Lv Zhihui, General manager of SYN Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Shen Jianghan, Director of Technical Marketing Department, and the relevant technical staff in Technical Marketing Department and Project Management Department participated in the meeting.

                  Sasol was founded in 1950, and is one of the largest Synthetic fuels and petrochemical products manufacturer. Sasol (China) Chemical Co., Ltd., locates in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, was founded in 1996 and is the only operation of Sasol in China so far. With the Italian Ballestra technology as a solid foundation of its modern production equipments, Sasol (China) Chemical Co., Ltd. produces and markets surfactants and also acts as promotion representative of businesses from other Sasol O&S sites in China including Hong Kong. Customers are both international and local companies in the fields of household detergents, industrial cleaners, personal care products, and textile and leather auxiliaries, including the biggest and most famous ones in these branches. Sasol (China) has set up its sales branch in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Sasol think that oil prices would be at high level in future, so natural gas to methanol to olefin would be more competitive.

                  Dr Shen Jianghan of SYN introduced Methanol to Light Olefin (DMTO) technology, including the development background, history, application prospects and economic analysis, and Shenhua Baotou project and so on. General manager Lv and the relevant technical staff communicated and discussed with Sasol visitors some topics and problems about DMTO technology. Both sides wish to keep close contact with each other and promote further cooperation.

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