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                  激情午夜福利,亚洲日本中文字幕,亚洲国产AV天堂,色综合视频 China Coal Mengda (Inner Mongolia) MTO Project Start-up Successfully
                  Liu Zhongmin, the deputy director of DICP and board chairman of SYN was elected as candidate of the
                  www.kolomrumah.com     Time:2012-02-21 10:26    column:News
                  The list of candidates for the first batch of leading talent training project in Dalian was announced recently, and Liu Zhongmin as the deputy director of DICP and board chairman of SYN was successfully elected. 102 technical experts were elected in total in Dalian, among which there were 13 professors in DICP including Zhang Tao, Liu Zhongmin, Xu Longya, Wang Shudong, Yang Weishen, Xu Guowang, Liang Xinmiao, Chen Jiping, Han Keli, Jin Yuqi, Chen Ping, Shen Wenjie and Ding Yunjie.
                  The leading talent training project in Dalian aims at strengthening the high level talents training to achieve a team of leading innovation talents owning advanced techniques domestically or even internationally. The selection is carried out every 2 years, and the number of candidates is around 100. The training cycle for the leading talents is 3 years, during which the municipal government will give the candidates financial funding for the actual needs in their innovation R&D, technical exchange, etc.

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